An Open Letter to the Liberian National Olympic Committee

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Dear Liberian National Olympic Committee,

Let’s discuss one of my favorite seasons — the Olympics. This festive event combines the cheerfulness of Christmas with the anticipation of a Leap Year. Who doesn’t love it? It’s the one time that countries can put on a united front, , regardless of internal conflicts. We can applaud and celebrate the best athletes that we have to offer. After all, just qualifying to compete in an Olympic event is an amazing achievement. Watching our lone star and solid stripes march under the flames of the Olympic torch symbolizes our worth. It means that we are good enough. We are strong enough. Despite all of our inadequacies, we can run with the best of them. Continue reading

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The Road to Rio is looking good for Liberia. We haven’t had a boxer at the Olympic games, since Seoul Korea in ’88.Has Liberia finally found its Olympic boxing medalist? Here is a closer look at Liberian boxer Archie Weah, through a series of memes. Continue reading

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ONE FULL YEAR has already passed and the next Olympic Game is just THREE YEARS away. Time is flying, but it’s never too early to start preparing. Click Here or copy and paste the link to a very brief article … Continue reading

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Friday Cartoon: “On the Brain – Mrs Martha Ricks” (1891)

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Thanks to The Badger’s Sett for this AWESOME post :)! Liberia’s time in London has passed, as far as the Olympics are concerned. However, I can’t help, but share this beautiful piece of Liberian/British history…. Click the “Friday Cartoon” link … Continue reading

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PARALYMPIC EXCLUSIVE: Interview with James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa

Below is an exclusive interview with, Liberia’s Power Lifter, James “Bobby the Big Siaffa.” Thanks to everyone who showed support by viewing this page and leaving comments for each athlete. Ciao, Until Next Time; Be Inspired, Be Curious, Be Blessed. … Continue reading

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PARALYMPIC UPDATE: James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa

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On September 4th 2012, Liberia made its FIRST EVER Summer Paralympic appearance. James “Bobby the Big” Siaffa represented Liberia in the 2012 London Summer Paralympic 82.5 kg Power Lifting competition and placed 7th out of 14 competitors. Siaffa met his goal of … Continue reading

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2012 PARALYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY- Siaffa Carries Liberian Flag

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Yesterday August 29th marked the Opening of the 2012 London Summer Paralympic Games. This is also Liberia’s FIRST appearance in a Summer Paralympic Game. You can watch the Ceremony by CLICKING HERE; Liberia enters at 1:32:49. James “Bobby the Big” … Continue reading

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